So apparently my street team was still working hard while I’m here in Korea and now Christine Mendoza ( is repping my crewneck, Dream Infinite. Great way to wake up here in Korea.

A little update for you guys, I actually took an extra two weeks off, to spend it with some of the international friends I met here in Korea. So I’ll officially be back in Hawaii January 5th, because ya’ll are probably wondering when I’ll be back in business!

Simple. Clean. What do you guys think?


I’m still alive, just been busy in Korea, making the most of my study abroad experience. But we’re still here and kicking!

Hey everyone! Just a friendly reminder, we will not be taking any pre-orders until December. As many of you may or may not have kept up with the updates, I am currently doing a study abroad in Seoul, South Korea and since I’m a one man team, it would be impossible to send out shirts or anything related to the store for this fall semester. So sorry for to all the anniversaries that will be without an “Us ‘til Infinity” sweater this fall, but we’ll be back up and running by January!

'Til infinity. 


not the best, but us

So while I’m here in Seoul, South Korea, don’t think I won’t be doing anything. Gonna be looking at the style of graphic and street tee’s here and I’ll be coming out with new designs by the end of the month. So prepare for some Seoul style (and if you like, some Gangnam style).

Remember! Today is the last day to order something before we go on hiatus until December! We will be open until 11:59 PM tonight HST! And don’t forget to use discount code LASTEXTRAS for a 15% discount when you spend $40 or more!

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Discount code.

Use discount code ‘LASTEXTRAS’ when you spend $40 or more and get %15 off your entire order!

The Last Extra Sale!

So there are some extras from the last sale that need a home. So before I go on hiatus because of my study abroad trip, get yourself some merch! These are all in stock, so these will be shipped out the next day. Hurry, we have a limited supply only. Extra sale will end on the 24th at 11:59PM HST.

I’m pretty sure I’ve stressed it enough while you were looking at the merchandise during pre-orders but remember to read the FAQ’s before you order and make sure you know the process of a pre-order. If you don’t know what that is, then kindly look here. No we do not handle with items in stock, that is why we have pre-orders to get the exact amount and if we have extras, there are extras. So please read the FAQ’s and understand what a pre-order is.

Love The sweater <33


We got news from the print shop and the shirts will be coming in by this Friday, so we’ll be packaging them this weekend and shipping them out on Monday the 21st!