Influencers: How Trends & Creativity Become Contagious

We posted this when it first released or Ken posted it on his personal tumblr blog, can’t recall. This documentary was not only good, but highly knowledgable for those in a creative field that it was decided to use this weeks throwback thursday to re-post it. Check it out if you haven’t or watch again and see if you learn anything new.


My Perfect ‘Match’ <3

We finally got the sweaters I ordered! We’ve been dying to get them! Ahhh, I love him so much! Nothing could take him away from me.

You couldn’t ever, possibly know how much I love him and do for me. Just as he does for me. He is my perfect partner.

Coming soon.


my bestfriend, my boyfriend

Extra, Extra! Limited extras are up for sale before the first sale of the summer. So better act fast!


“Style stays longer than the hype. Style stays ‘til infinity. Stay infinite.”

Tank tops.

So since it’s summer, Us ‘til Infinity tank tops? All designs on tank tops?


Us ‘Til Infinity sweatshirts.

Some of you have been asking me where I got them. Just go to this Tumblr, click on “The Store”, and when the store is open for pre-orders you can order from a wide variety of clothing they have. I absolutely love my sweater. It’s so cute, soft, comfortable, and keeps me warm c:

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Sent out a good amount of orders this past weekend and the rest of the orders should be sent out by tomorrow. So thank you once again for all your patience. As for the whole redesigning Be Fresh ‘til Infinity, our Facebook will mainly be used to post discount codes, our twitter will be used for all our announcements, and the tumblr will be for all around announcements and sales.


Hey guys. So I know I said the store will be back up in May, but since the whole print shop moving thing happened and I’m shipping the March orders out this week, I’ve decided to open it sometime in June. It will have Feeling Fancy, Hella Fresh Iggy, Livin’ HI ‘til Infinity, Dream Infinite, and of course Us ‘til Infinity. Just gonna take some time off to enjoy summer a little, redesign the store, and get some study abroad stuff done. So look forward to a better Be Fresh ‘til Infinity.

its “us till infinity <3” 

Queenicia & Denzel

And finals week has become busier. Gonna be checking the shirts first, before anything, making sure they printed okay and we have everything. But the good news is that they’re here.

More updates. Talked to the print shop and they said they’re still settling into the new place and are still finishing the orders because of their move. They told me they’ll try to get it all finished by next week.


Disney Medley II - AJ Rafael & Toddrick Hall

The Little Mermaid bit is the best.

Anybody else curious to know how they decided who would wear what? LOL

Another sighting of AJ Rafael wearing the Style Stays ‘til Infinity shirt! Gotta love AJ!