For all of those who ordered from the March pre-orders, here’s a little update. The merchandise should have been 3/4 finished by this week and I tried calling the print shop today, but unfortunately I was greeted with a “I’m sorry but this line has been disconnected or is no longer available.” And I’m quite furious right now. So I’ve tried emailing them and I’m currently waiting on a call or a response. There may or may not be a delay on when the merchandise should be finished once I get a response from the print shop. But I’m trying my best to get in contact with them to see what’s going on and I’ll keep you guys posted on the matter. Mahalo nui loa for your continued patience and support. Let’s hope they reply back soon.


I haven’t seen this before, but I’m very thankful for this and much mahalo’s to http://www.dodozero.com for featuring Be Fresh ‘til Infinity on their blog. Honestly, all the support we can get, we’re grateful for it.

oasisof-serenity asked: when will your store open back up?

We’ll be coming back early May with mainly tanks for the island weather!


I’m freshh Y’ ALLL

I’ve counted all the orders that have come in from the March 2nd-March 12th pre-order period and the order for the merch to be printed has been placed. Much mahalo’s to all those that pre-ordered this time around.  Thank you for helping stay ‘til infinity.


We’re ADORBZ! Our 8 moth anniversary <3

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Im a QT ~ LOL jk (Taken with instagram)

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I love miss birthday girl :) (Taken with instagram)

Shipping and such.

For any questions about shipping and how long it will take, please refer to the FAQs.


Check every question and every link. If none of those answers your question, then feel free to ask any question that isn’t answered in the FAQs.


Our new ‘us til inifinity’ crewnecks :) ♥

Hahaha It finally came in :] So happyyy! Posting of the Gf and I when I get the chance!

First 20.

And I forgot to mention. The first 20 customers of this set of pre-orders will get one of our first generation tees for free. Probably many of you have seen AJ Rafael rocking it in a couple of his pictures. So be one of the first 20!


Be Fresh ‘til Infinity is now open for pre-orders.

Featuring two new designs: Livin’ HI ‘til Infinity and Dream Infinite, along with Us ‘til Infinity, Feeling Fancy, and Let’s Just Cuddle. This pre-order sale will be from Today, March 2nd ‘til March 12th at 11:59PM HST. So get yourself some Be Fresh ‘til Infinity merch while you can!